What They Say About Reginald


Reginald Larry-Cole is one of the most influential and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of meeting. What I have found great about this amazing businessman, is that he wants you to have the same success that he has for himself.

I am proud to have Reginald as my mentor for so many reasons, but the most important for me is his request for you to visualise your future to the fine details. Reginald's story is both powerful and inspiring. After reading his book, you will believe there is nothing in life you can't do, and you will run to create your successful story, which I did!

Angie Le Mar

Comedienne, Writer, Director, Broadcaster, Radio and TV Talk Show Host


Reginald Larry Cole “Reggie”

Reggie is an inspirer, a go-getter, and a results-oriented man, a family man. I’ve watched him as a father be there for his children as a positive role model same as he had with his parents. As a results-oriented man, he’s seemed to have incorporated all his life’s lessons into whatever task brings—light or difficult—and has persevered through it all with faith.

As an inspirer, I’ve witnessed Reggie in his humanitarian and philanthropic work for his beloved Country Sierra Leone. He puts his money and time where his mouth is… investing back into his country through music, arts, and entertainment industry. Also, he has supported the education of young boys and girls of the next generation.

Reggie is a compassionate person and he makes you smile when you see him.

Kym Mazelle

1st Lady of House Music

The moment we met Reg Cole, we knew there was something special within him. This young man had a dream bigger than any of us could imagine, and he never missed an opportunity to learn from those who had become successful. He had a hunger to learn and the inner strength to commit to it. It didn’t matter how far he had to drive to hear someone speak, how many books he had to read or how many tapes he had to listen to; he did it without question because he knew the answers he sought were there.

We watched Reg succeed and we watched him fall. He got up and learned from his experience and built on it to move on to his next goal. Time and time again, this happened. The man grew and became stronger and more determined. With each failure came more knowledge and success followed. He never lost sight of his goal.

We have had the privilege to watch this 25-year journey and to see the lives that have been touched and forever changed by this man who is always a humble student. Future generations will be affected by what Reg is doing today to help his fellowmen and country.

This book will be a valuable tool to all who read it. Take his teachings to heart and apply what Reg has to offer and the possibilities are endless. Don’t dream your life away but live your dream as Reg is doing. Do something with your life!

With love and respect,

Jim and Betta Fraccaroli

Mentors and Long-Term Friends


Reginald and I first crossed paths in 2009 at a celebration marking Barack Obama’s nomination to the US Presidency. Not only do I count him as a friend but for over a decade I have had the pleasure of being his pastor and spiritual advisor. I have been struck by Reginald’s philosophy of wealth—a thinking that is beyond the mere acquisition of wealth itself. He is guided by a belief underpinned by his faith, uncompromising family values and the kind of compassion that puts people before profit and seek to raise the life-chances of the disadvantaged. Reginald epitomizes resilience in business more than anyone I know and the chronicle of his lived experience in Compassionate Capitalism evidences this. The blessings and lessons shared will inspire and instil in the reader the same belief that they too can defy the odds, refuse to surrender to ‘no’ and experience greater abundance.

Bishop Delroy Powell

National Leader for New Testament Assembly -England