OMAC Foundation

Reginald Larry-Cole launched The OMAC Foundation in memory of his late father, Osmund Marcus Abioseh Cole.

Osmund Cole was educated at The Prince of Wales School, Freetown.  He went on to become the first black Managing Director for Rokel Leaf Tobacco Company in Makeni.  He later started his own tobacco company based in Matotoka.

The Foundation is a charity mainly for schools in Sierra Leone, which provides a program of scholarships for secondary school students. During the initial launch period of The OMAC Foundation, the children at The St Edward’s Secondary School undertook a two-week coaching session, despite the rain and floods most of the applicant’s arrived at the school eager to learn, over the period the children were given tests which enabled us to assess their abilities.

Applicants who went through the session were asked to attend the school with their parents the following week whereupon they were informed if they had been successful in obtaining a scholarship. The Foundation has a strict criterion for scholarships, helping disadvantaged, deprived, disabled or physically challenged students.  They must have a positive mental attitude, be interested in languages and participate in the band or take part in sports for the school with a focus on Entrepreneurial Skills and Set Development.

Students will be taught how to set goals at intervals of 3, 6, 12, 36 months and finally 5 years goals based on WHY, WHAT, WHEN AND HOW. OMAC on their part will fulfil its obligations and prepare the students for the school year, providing uniforms, shoes, lunches and one trip to the provinces per term.  Travel to other parts of the country will broaden the student’s horizon’s and will allow them to get to know other tribes. The OMAC will also provide special education tutoring to support dyslexia with one-to-one aid in the classroom.

Reginald personally provided 200 copies of the book: “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz to the students. In addition to this, The OMAC Foundation will be sponsoring between twenty and twenty-five pupils at The St Edward’s Primary school as well.  Running the OMAC Foundation takes time, effort and resources but the task is immensely satisfying.